SINGLE GRAVES   (Please do NOT post these photos to other websites!

- unmarked grave of an African-American girl on McNabb Ranch near Nome Lackee Reservation T24N, R5W

BUDDEN, WILLIAM - (1830 - 1911) -T28N, R8W West of Red Bluff, near
Beegum Road area.  (Photographed 2009)

BURROUGHS - family plot with 2 graves T25N, R2E, sec 33

CAHALAN, SEAN C. - (May 1960 - Dec 1 1998) - Near Battle Creek Falls

CAMPBELL - two children T25N, R1E, Sec 36

DANIELSON, ANDREW - (1825-1908) -T26N, R8W buried near Red Bank Bridge at the crossroads of Red Bank and Lowrey roads west of Red Bluff..

GRANSBURY, STEPHEN H. - (1843-1912, son of John and Emma Buffer Gransbury). He is buried on his own ranch on the South Fork of Cottonwood Creek.

GUYRE, JOHN BIERCE - (1833-1867, he was one of the earliest white men of the area). T27N, R6W west of Red Bluff, near the Oxbow Bridge on Cottonwood Creek near the Swain Ranch.

HALLEY, MARY KLETNER - (1884-1907) buried ¼ mile from the Halley cabin at Hooker, north of Red Bluff.

JELLY, JIM - (1832-1922, an Indian) buried on the Hatch Ranch.

JOHNSON, SARAH - (1825-1913, wife of F. Johnson) buried at Morgan Hill near Henleyville, south of Red Bluff.

KYLER, INFANT CHILDREN - died 1923 & 1924, infants of Arthur and Freda Kyler are buried at T29N, R5W at the Kyler Ranch on Evergreen Road, 10 miles southwest of Cottonwood.

LEWIS, JOEL - (1809-1866) T24N, R8W on Mill Creek halfway between Paskenta and Lowrey.

LEWIS, THOMAS - 1862 - is buried at Sills Peach Orchard T24N, R2W near the Vina community - there could be others buried there.

MARTY, MATHEW - (1831-1909) on his ranch west of the Farm Bureau Hall on Bowman Road about 5 miles west of Cottonwood.

MOON, WILLIAM C. - (1859-1877) west of the Red Bank Fire Station.

RAYMOND, GEORGE WILLIS - (1850-1910) T28N, R7W on the Roy Alford Ranch

SCHAAR, FRED - (1836-1921) located 10 miles northwest of Red Bluff on Highway 36 at the Schaar Ranch.

SHANNON, THOMAS - T24N, R7W - Thomas was an Indian fighter. He is buried on the Whitlock Ranch near Paskenta - also the graves of 2 young Thompson girls (See Wagon Wheels Vol #50 - 2000)

SHELTON, RICHARD FREEMAN - (1844-1906, son of Mart and Jane Groomer Freeman) on the Jones Ranch near Cottonwood.

SMITH, GEORGE W. - (1859-1891) - buried north of Red Bluff ¼ mile south of Hooker near the Halley cabin.

SPEEGLE, LENA - a child buried on the Speegle Ranch near the mouth of Sulphur Creek at Deer Creek.

SPERRY, UNKNOWN (1810-1890, mother of James Sperry) - also buried there is a 4-year- old girl with last name of BRANCH.

STENBERGH, RANSOM - (1814-1867) on the Pryor Ranch one mile north of Lowery Cemetery.

TANEM, GUNERIUS (1851-1910) and his son, ALBERT (1894-1907) are buried near the Sacramento River at Jelly's Ferry.

UNKNOWN MAN - about 40 years of age is buried on the McCarty place at Cottonwood Creek in an unmarked grave.

WARD, JOHN BROWN - (1864-1872) at the Bend District marked by rocks (see Tehama County Memories 2003).

WIBLE, MARY V. - (1894-1902) buried north of Red Bluff at Hooker.

Tehama Cemeteries

Active Cemeteries in Tehama Co including  List and Photos

LINKS  - Other sites that have Tehama County Cemetery & Burial Photos & Data

Oak Hill Cemetery Entrance, Red Bluff, CA

Elmore Cemetery

Kirkwood Cemetery

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Oak Hill Cemetery

Tehama Cemetery

Sunset Hill Cemetery

Red Bluff Mausoleum

St. Mary's Cemetery

St. Mary's
Listing of Names

Los Molinos Cemetery

Vina Cemetery

Manton Cemetery

Listing of Names

Los Molinos
Listing of Names

Oak Hill 
Indexes to Listings of Names
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Index to Listings of names

Paskenta Cemetery

NOTE:  All "Listings" below contain ONLY THOSE THAT HAVE A MARKER. They are in .pdf format and are searchable.  See "NEW!" link above for a listing of ALL BURIALS in Oak Hill, St. Mary's and Lowry cemeteries. Listed below are the known cemeteries/burial sites both active and inactive that are known in Tehama County. Several of these are on private property; please ask permission first from the property owners. Photos of headstones from Tehama County cemeteries are available  below. If you have photos of any headstones missing from this collection (especially the smaller, more remote ones) and would like to share them, please contact us. 

ACTIVE CEMETERIES  (Please do NOT post these photos to other websites!

ANDERSON RANCH CEMETERY - Location near Vina is private - inactive - 12 known graves - This is on private property. Thank you to Bob McConnell for offering his photos.

BELLE MILL CEMETERY - See Lyonsville Belle Mill Cemetery

CAMERON FAMILY CEMETERY - T20N, R1E, Sec 20 NE  - located east of Red Bluff near Lyonsville, 10 graves -refer to 1998 Tehama County Memories.  Photographed 2010.


CHINESE CEMETERY - while Oak Hill and Tehama Cemeteries had separate sections for the Chinese burials; there WAS a separate cemetery located east of Vina at the cross roads of the Tehama-Vina Road. It is believe that all were disinterred and their remains returned to China. This now sits on private property.

SUNSET HILL CEMETERY - See Corning, Sunset Hil Cemetery 

DURRER RANCH - see Rosewood Cemetery

EATON RANCH - near the Alonzo Eaton Home on Red Bank Creek are buried two Doyle girls and Ella Rambo. Headstones were "taken to town" and are no longer on graves.

ELMORE CEMETERY - T23N, R5W, Sec 11 on north side of Long Hollow Road - inactive - 51 known graves - on private property, owners do not allow entry at this time. Photographed 2011.

FLOURNOY FAMILY - T24N, R5W, Sec 20 -  ¼ mile west of Flournoy community -
7 known graves - on private property. Photographed 2011.

FREEMAN FAMILY - T24N R4W, Sec 4 - 600 feet south of Henleyville townsite on private property- 4 known graves - Elizabeth Freeman (wife of John) 1831-1873 and Hannah Jane Small (wife of David) 1853-1872.

INKS CREEK, Joseph Long - T30N, R1W, Sec 33 - Private ranch between Dales Station & Manton - 3 known graves, Frank C. Long (son of Joseph A. and Julia Musick Long) 1872-1881 and Elisha Abbott 1883-1893.  Photographed April 2011.

KIRKWOOD - South of CORNING - T23N, R3W Sec 12 on Hall Road - This cemetery was laid out in 1894 by William W. Watkins, an early Kirkwood settler. The first burial was of L.J. Merrill on 2 October 1891. It is an active cemetery maintained by the Kirkwood Cemetery District.  Photographed 2009.

LANES VALLEY -- T29N, R1E, Sec 19 on Lanes Valley Road - 2 graves, Charles Gibbons (1900-1901) and Mary Rouse, wife of Lewis, (1835-1907).  Photographed April 2011.

LASSEN EMIGRANT CEMETERY - is the oldest burial ground in Tehama County and was located on the Lassen Trail north of Dry Creek and south of Mill Creek to the east of the Lassen Ranch and used as early as 1848 as the final resting place for early travelers. The diary of J. Goldsboro Bruff states the burials are “under oak trees at the rear of Lassen's wheat field.” Side by side are the graves of the Flemming brothers, Dr. Marshall, and near it Dr. Harvey. The body of John C. Spence, a Frenchman from Oregon, was placed there on 6 June 1850. There are 3 modern monuments.

LOS MOLINOS CEMETERY -Taft Avenue at 7835 Hwy 99E, 1 mile north of Los Molinos - active cemetery. The first burial there was that of William Thomas Foster who died 15 October 1921. For further information contact the Los Molinos Cemetery District at 530-384-1864.  Photographed 2009.

LOWREY CEMETERY - West of Red Bluff  T25N, R6W, Sec 20 on Cemetery Road, one mile southwest of Lowrey.  Melissa, the wife of Edward DeHaven, was the first buried there on 1 April 1880. For further information contact the Oak Hill Cemetery District at 530-527-4417.  Photographed 2010.

LYONSVILLE BELLE MILL CEMETERY - Also known as the Belle Mill Cemetery is located in T28N, R2E, Sec 4, about 13 miles east of Paynes Creek- it is estimated that about 113 people are buried at this cemetery. Refer to 2008 Tehama County Memories.  Photographed May 2010.

MANTON CEMETERY - T30N, R1E, Sec 21 on Manton School Road in Manton, CA - active cemetery. The first burial was that of William J. Stone on 20 June 1877.  For further information contact the cemetery at (530) 474-3415 or e-mail to    Photographed April 2009.

MINERAL - T29N, R3E, Sec 25, near the Lassen Volcanic National Park headquarters. Among those buried there are Susan Cunningham (wife of James Reid) died 1866; Mary Westrope died 1877; and Emma Aloot Morgan 1843-1911. Photographed May 2010.

NOME LACKEE CEMETERY - T24N, R6W, Sec 5 - Southwest of Paskenta. It is a semi-active private cemetery on private property. Photographed April 2011.

RED BLUFF  - OAK HILL CEMETERY -  is located on Cemetery Lane south of W. Walnut Street in Red Bluff, CA. It was established in 1859 by the Masonic and Odd Fellows Lodges of Red Bluff and completed in 1861 with A.B.C. Nusbaum as Superintendent. The first property was purchased from A.H. Webb on 27 Dec. 1859. Bodies were moved to this site from the Red Bluff cemetery at Main and Elm streets, and from the Oak Street burial grounds (see below). The first lots were sold to James S. Johnston and the second ones to G.L. and L.M. Potter. For further information contact the Red Bluff Cemetery District at 530-527-4417.     Photographed 2008 through October 20, 2020.

PASKENTA CEMETERY - Paskenta, CA -T24N, R6W, Sec 25 on Paskenta Cemetery Rd 2-½ miles east of town of Paskenta off Paskenta Rd. - active community cemetery. It was originally owned by William Grey and upon his death in June 1877 the land went to William Riley who deeded one acre for a cemetery. Others who have deeded land were: Mary A. Mitchell, D.C. Mitchell and Co., and J. W. Hulse. The first person to be buried there was Jane, the wife of Daniel Hamilton, on 25 January 1872. An association was formed 7 March 1908 with John James the first caretaker.  For more information contact the cemetery at (530) 833-5583.  Photographed April 2010.

RED BANK CEMETERY - on Red Bank Road 15 miles southwest of Red Bluff - 6 graves: Mary Ann Duffy Eaton (wife of J.J.) died 1930; William H. Riley (son of Peter) 1856-1923; Ella Danielson Ternsted (wife of Frank A.) 1870-1921; and Emma Danielson (wife of Andrew) 1835-1911 and Amy Ternsted 1893-1918.  Photographed 2010.

OAK HILL CEMETERY  -  See Red Bluff, Oak Hill Cemetery.

RED BLUFF CEMETERY (OLD) - the first graveyard in Red Bluff was located on Main Street and south of Elm Street. The bodies buried there were later moved to the OAK HILL CEMETERY and included: John W. Aekors (died 1856); Lilly Aekors (died 1857); Alfred J. Walton (died 1856); Susan J. Walton (died 1857); Lella A. Williams (died 1856, the daughter of John N. and Arville Williams); John N. Williams (died 1856, son of John N. Williams); William Potter Jr (died 1857); Tully Poore (died 1858, son of George A. and Margaret Poore); Leon E. Estes (died 1859, son of L.C. and M. Estes); James C. Vestal (1852-1859, son of Alexander and Samira Vestal); Georgene Hoag (1858-1859, daughter of George W. and A. J. Hoag).

RED BLUFF GRAVE SITE (OLD) - located on Main Street near Ash - three bodies moved in 1860 on order of the Tehama County Supervisors.

RED BLUFF MEMORIAL CHAPEL MAUSOLEUM - RED BLUFF, CA, located within the main gate of the the Oak Hill Cemetery but is privately owned and is not managed by the Oak Hill Cemetery staff.  For further information contact Chapel of the Flowers staff at 816 Walnut St., Red Bluff, 530-527-1174.    Photographed April 2010.

RED BLUFF OAK STREET CEMETERY (OLD) - located between Monroe and Jackson Streets on Oak Street (now site of RB Veteran's Hall. The bodies were moved in the 1870s to OAK HILL CEMETERY to make room for the erection of the new Oak Street Elementary School. 

ROSEWOOD CEMETERY - T28N, R6W, Sec 21 of Highway 36 on Durrer Ranch -known burials include Elizabeth Schanick Durrer (wife of Joseph Durrer) 1853-1931; Joseph Durrer (son of Antone and Madeline Alderwood Durrer) 1851-1930; Jacob Schanick (1814-1898); Carl Durrer 1894-1891; and Dominick Heinzer 1864-1930.

RED BLUFF,  ST. MARY'S CEMETERY - RED BLUFF, CA, located west of Red Bluff off Walnut Street, on Hook Road - active cemetery maintained by Red Bluff Cemetery District. The cemetery was established in the late 1880s during the pastorship of Father Quinn and the first burial there was for John Barry of Cottonwood on 15 November 1888 and in whose memory the statue of the Virgin Mary was placed there by his family. The gate and archway were donated by the Silva family in memory of Jesse L. Silva. For further information contact the Red Bluff Cemetery District at 530-527-4417.  Photographed 2009 through October 21, 2020..

CORNING - SUNSET HILL CEMETERY -  T24N, R3W, Sec 24 on the southeast corner of Solano Street and Oren Avenue in Corning, CA - active cemetery maintained by Corning Cemetery District. The earliest burial was for Victor B. Cannon on 14 July 1883. For further information contact the Corning Cemetery District at 530-824-2255.  Photographed 2009.

TEHAMA CEMETERY - West of the town of Tehama, CA, T25N R3W, at 7772 Woodland Ave  - active cemetery. Robert H. Thomes deeded the property on 13 February 1875. The earliest recorded burial was that of Garreth Smith on 16 November 1857, though many earlier burials had been made there dating back to the late 1840s. In April 1872 the Odd Fellows and Masonic Lodges joined to form the first cemetery district with the first board composed of J.S. Storrs, Charles Harvey and John Simpson with John N. Montgomery as President and A.O. White, chairman.
  Many of the graves are marked “unknown” or markers have been lost due to fire, although many impressive monuments remain in tribute to early pioneers. A Chinese section was part of this cemetery and occupied about one acre. It was perhaps the largest Chinese burial grounds in Tehama County, very little trace remains. For further information contact the Tehama Cemetery District at 530-385-1200.  Photographed 2009. Old Section re-done 2012.

VINA CEMETERY - Near community of Vina, CA, T24N, R1W Sec 5, on Reed Orchard Rd -active cemetery. It is possibly the oldest active cemetery in Tehama County with the first burial there in 1849. This is also the smallest public cemetery. The cemetery is often referred to as the Carter Cemetery, named after Lemuel M. Carter, an early resident of the area, whose wife Isabell was buried there on 7 April 1858.  Contact the Vina Cemetery District at 530-321-2804.  Photographed 2009.

Inactive Cemeteries in Tehama Co some with List and Photos

INACTIVE CEMETERIES   (Please do NOT post these photos to other websites!

Wm. Budden

Mineral Cemetery

Cameron Family Cemetery

Belle Mill Cemetery

Red Bank
Listing of Names

Listing of Names

Lyonsville Belle Mill 
Listing of names






Sean Cahalan

Flournoy Family Cemetery

Flournoy Family
Listing of Names

Lanes Valley Family Listing of Names

Lanes Valley Cemetery

Nome Lackee Cemetery
 Listing of names

Red Bank Cemetery

Inks Creek
Listing of Names

Inks Creek Cemetery

Nome Lackee Cemetery

Listing of Names

Anderson Ranch Cemetery

Listing of all Burials -  burials at Red Bluff, St. Mary's & Lowry cemeteries - . The listing includes name, date of birth, death, , and  location of  burial.  A location beginning with SM indicates St. Mary's Cemetery. Lowry burials state "Lowry". Thank you to the Red Bluff Cemetery District for making this available to us